Electrochromic manuscript published with Front Cover Art!

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Electrochromic manuscript published with Front Cover Art!

June 17, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Another manuscript by researchers at RISE and Linkoping University has been published in the international journal Polymers. The reports builds upon their previous electrochromic (electrochromism: change of colour with the onset of electricity) publications where they employed UV-light to pattern conductive plastics into binary logo. The current research imbeds greyscale images (photographs) into the materials which will completely disappear when the voltage is applied. The authors use this phenomenon to create dual greyscale electrochromic devices.

Here’s what lead author Dr Robert Brooke had to say about the latest publication:
‘Here we show we can extent our UV-light patterning technique to greyscale images and illustrate proof of concept devices of dual greyscale images, a first of its kind for this type of technology. The devices show one image, in this case a photograph of a former group member which, upon the onset of electricity changes to a photograph of our office building.
We also showed that these devices can be fabricated on paper substrates which could lead to more sustainable and environmentally friendly display technologies.’

Conceptualized.tech helped out with the creation of some of the figures as well as the front cover image (which was adapted and styled by Polymers).


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