Plant power – New manuscript focusing on energy storage materials

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Plant power – New manuscript focusing on energy storage materials

July 2, 2019 Uncategorized 0

A new study tilted Improving the Performance of Paper Supercapacitors Using Redox Molecules from Plants has been published in the journal Advanced Sustainable Systems by researchers at RISE and Linköping University. Employing sustainable and organic materials for energy storage applications is an important research field with societies ever growing energy demands. At the current rate, inorganic materials such as lithium and other metals will not be able to fulfill this demand. Therefore, finding alternative materials, especially sustainable ones, is an important research area.

In the current study, forest based nanocellulose, organic dye molecules and conductive polymers were combined to create energy storage devices that exhibit encouraging results. With an impressive specific capacitance (>400 F g-1) and good stability (>1000 cycles) the materials show promise for the future of green energy technology.

Here’s what lead author Dr Jesper Edberg had to say about the recent publication:
This report highlights organic materials that can be derived from plants as candidates for energy storage technology. We show that the addition of an organic compound found in the root of the rubia tinctorum plant increases the performance of a composite material we created and reported previously. Showing improvements in organic and sustainable energy storage materials is important if we are ever to have a realistic alternative to inorganic materials.

Conceptualized.Tech created some of the figures and an artistic image to highlight the new green technology.

The article can be found here:


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