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Turn your most complex ideas into something comprehensive

Your Organisation

We believe you are an organization with a need to clarify a complex product, a procedural flow for your employees or want to create accurate sales tools with flare.


We offer you global solutions with high-end interactive presentation tools, videos and animations and web development.

Understanding Value

We firmly believe that all customers prefer comprehensive products and services, no matter if they are your colleagues or your next sales lead.

The chalkboard has changed

By visualizing your technology and present it in a comprehensive illustration, animation or presentation, you will generate value at every level. Colleagues, customers and potential investors will grasp your selling point. We offer you to take your linear stories into interactive presentation tools with eye candy fit for your company profile. Let your audience take charge on where the story goes. No more skimming through PowerPoints!







we are

It began as an initiative for making research and science easier to grasp while appearing more appealing to the general public. Our passion for creating drove us to provide a professional service to help others with this endeavour. We offer ways of displaying your ideas, products and results through beautiful and informative photos, videos and interactive presentation tools.

Contact us to discuss your ideas and how they can be visualized!

Robert Brooke

E-mail: robert(a)

Co-founder – Illustrations and hard surface modelling

Robert Brooke has a PhD in materials chemistry and loves creating informative yet beautiful images and animations

Pelle Geivald

E-mail: pelle(a)

Co-founder – Presentation tools, web design and video editing

Pelle Janson is a PhD student in Bioelectronics and loves telling stories no matter through what medium

Latest News

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PhD Thesis cover – Dr. Maria Seitanidou

A PhD student from the Laboratory of Organic Electronics at Linkoping University recently completed and successfully defended their thesis. Maria Seitanidou’s research, supervised by Professor Daniel Simon, focused on the[…]

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September 15, 2020 0

Ligna Energy

Ligna Energy, We recently worked with a new start up company developing disruptive energy storage technology from forest-based materials. Societies energy needs are rapidly rising in today’s technological world[…]

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September 5, 2020 0

Printed polymer gels for thermoelectric applications – Manuscript Published in Nature Communications

All new printed gel electrolytes have been produced and published in Nature Communications for their use in temperature sensors based on tuneable thermoelectric properties. By adjustments in the gel composition,[…]

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July 9, 2019 0