visualizing science and technology

Rendered chemical structures for an experimental and theoretical publication in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

 Dr Evangelia Mitraka nailing her PhD thesis before successfully defending her research and the cover image created by

Rendered images for MedTechByran, customized images for rebranding their website.




Rendered images of the Organic Electronic Ion Pump developed at Linkoping University.




Two examples of electrochromic windows for air craft. One showing a blank window while the other show a pattern for possible advertisements.




Renders for a new paint brush prototype design




Animation stills of an award winning printed supercapacitor prototype




Rendered images concepts of the GREENSENSE drug of abuse successful grant application




Render examples of printed vs traditional modulate energy storage devices included in a recent published manuscript




Animation stills of the NextFactory Machine – All-in-one manufacturing





Animation stills of the Cinside portable penetrating radar devices

*Mannequin created by SebastL at

Cinside Conceptual portable penetrating radar device – The Human Finder

Cinside Conceptual portable penetrating radar device – The Stick Radar





From left to right: 3D model created in 3D modelling software, 3D model rendered and 3D model printed and functioning as an electrochemical cell for energy storage applications.