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Self-Sterilizing Microneedle Publication with Cover Art!

Researchers at the Future Industries Institute at the University of South Australia have published a report centred on microneedle patches loaded with silver nanoparticles for their self-sterilizing purposes. The idea is that in addition to delivering the desired drug molecule, the microneedles will suppress any bacterial growth where the microneedles pierce the skin. Here’s what…
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June 4, 2019 0

A nanomesh that syncs with the heart

Proud moment for us here at! One of our images has been part of a publication in the Nature publishing group! Researcher, Dr Donata Iandolo from the University of Cambridge recently published a news and views article on bioelectronics for regeneration of heart muscle cells. We made a simple image for Dr Iandolo for…
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June 4, 2019 0

Plasmonics Manuscript Published with Cover Art!

A new manuscript from the Organic Photonics and Nanooptics group at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics at Linkoping University has recently been published in the American Chemical Society Photonics journal. The report focuses on how light interacts with thin films of light-absorbing molecules and plasmonic nanohole metasurfaces. Thin silver nanohole films were employed to show…
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October 29, 2018 0

Thermoelectric Technology – Published Review Article

Recently, the laboratory of organic electronics at Linkoping University, Sweden in collaboration with the University of Tsukuba and the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) in Japan have published a review article compiling recent research on thermoelectric technology in regard to energy generation. Thermoelectric technologies work on a temperature gradient to convert thermal energy into…
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October 19, 2018 0

Improvement in alternative for transparent conductors – Published Manuscript

Recently researchers at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics at Linkoping University published a manuscript in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A. The report shows improvement of an organic material for use as a transparent conductor for possible applications of displays and organic solar cells. The main improvement of the organic material is its increase in…
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September 10, 2018 0

Bioelectronics Review – Published Manuscript with Cover!

Recently researchers from the Laboratory of Organic Electronics at Linkoping University published a review article titled ‘A Decade of Iontronic Delivery Devices’. Within the article, the authors describe the aims, challenges and solutions that have faced bioelectronics, specifically delivery systems. Various previously published iontronic components are discussed including the Laboratory of Organic Electronic’s own developments…
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June 20, 2018 1

PhD Thesis Cover – Evangelia Mitraka

Recently, a member of the Laboratory of Organic Electronics at Linkoping University, Evangelia Mitraka, successfully defended her PhD thesis. Supervised by Professor Xavier Crispin, Evangelia presented her work over the past 5 years including five manuscripts in the field of oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) for fuel cell applications. helped out Evangelia by providing an…
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June 5, 2018 0

MedtechByrån – Rebranding

We just finished a rebranding for MedtechByrån. MedtechByrån are specialists in the regulations and protocols regarding medical technology ideas, processes or products. They help out with med tech product regulatory maintenance, as well as the entire process of introducing a new product into the market and what regulatory steps are required. They communicate directly with…
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April 24, 2018 0

Electrochromic Advances – Published Manuscript

Research out of the Laboratory of Organic Electronics at Linkoping University, Sweden has been recently published presenting advancements in electrochromic technology. The new technology involves the patterning of organic materials called conductive polymers using UV-light. The publication investigates using patterned conductive polymers for electrochromic applications, in other words, displays that show an image or logo…
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April 9, 2018 0

Towards printed energy storage devices – Award Winning Prototype

On the 19th to the 21st of March 2018 was the LOPEC (International Exhibition and Conference for the Printed Electronics Industry) conference held in Munich, Germany. Conceptualized.Tech assisted one exhibitor (RISE Acreo) with an animation to accompany their new technology prototype, a printed, flexible and foldable energy storage device based on forest derived materials and…
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March 24, 2018 0