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Cinside – Making the invisible visible

October 28, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Recently we made renders and animations of two conceptual prototypes. While only potential designs at this stage, the renders and animation show the purpose and the companies vision for the future.

Cinside is a company operating out of Linköping, Sweden developing small penetrating radar systems to aid rescuers in evacuation efforts in disaster scenarios or collapsed buildings. One of the featured concepts, The Human Finder, is part of a European Union funded initiative focused generally on improved detection and localisation of victims through a range of deliverables and milestones. The concept render accompanied with this post is another candidate system for finding missing people in rubble – The Stick Radar. 

We made a simple animation to highlight how the concept designs can assist search and rescue crews. Hopefully these concepts can minimize the difficult working conditions for the crews themselves in addition to resulting in many more positive outcomes for rescue operation.

“We are really happy with the conceptual designs and animations created in short time by CONCEPTUALIZED.TECH. They have showed an exceptional good understanding of our intentions and it is perfect to have this material to present the project in its early stage.”

Dan Axelsson CEO Cinside AB


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