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Ligna Energy

September 5, 2020 Uncategorized 0

Ligna Energy,

We recently worked with a new start up company developing disruptive energy storage technology from forest-based materials. Societies energy needs are rapidly rising in today’s technological world and with current energy storage technology struggling to keep up the pace, new materials that are sustainable and environmentally friendly are of critical importance. Ligna Energy is one company that is committed to finding alternative energy storage solutions using materials straight from the forest.

Here’s what CEO Peter Ringstad had to say about Ligna Energy and the future of energy storage technology:

‘Batteries and other energy storage devices today are primarily composed of materials that are unsustainable. Precious metals that are mined from the Earth may give great energy for the time being but are ultimately doomed to fall short in reaching society’s energy needs. At Ligna Energy we’re using materials from the forest to replace these precious metals as the active components in energy storage devices. The ability to use sustainable materials means there will be no shortage of energy for the future.’ helped Ligna Energy with some technical illustrations of their batteries with a few designs incorporating a forest look. We’re particularly proud of the wooden battery look!


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