PhD Thesis Cover – Evangelia Mitraka

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PhD Thesis Cover – Evangelia Mitraka

June 5, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Recently, a member of the Laboratory of Organic Electronics at Linkoping University, Evangelia Mitraka, successfully defended her PhD thesis. Supervised by Professor Xavier Crispin, Evangelia presented her work over the past 5 years including five manuscripts in the field of oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) for fuel cell applications. helped out Evangelia by providing an illustration for the cover of her thesis.

Some of the major contributions to the field include a metal alloy/conductive polymer composite pH indicator, and evaluation of conducting polymer-cathode fuel cells in addition to in-depth understanding of the ORR mechanism on conducting polymers.

Here’s what Dr Evangelia Mitraka had to say about the whole PhD experience:

‘It feels great to present my work over the past 5 years and successfully defend my thesis in front of my peers, friends and family. It has been a long, but interesting and fun journey. Definitely an experience and part of my life that I’ll look back on with just positive memories.

I’m so grateful to everyone in the Laboratory of Organic Electronics for creating such a positive and supportive atmosphere and always taking the time to share their knowledge or skills.

Thanks to for providing a beautiful cover illustrating the hydrogen peroxide production. Putting in charge of the cover allowed me to focus on the writing and editing of the thesis, it was a real time saver!’


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