Printed ion pump manuscript published!

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Printed ion pump manuscript published!

June 4, 2019 Uncategorized 0

A new publication has surfaced using printed electronics to manufacture bioelectronic devices called organic electronic ion pumps in large areas. While these ion pumps have been reported previously, this is the first time all printed devices have been reported. The possibility of fast, large area manufacturing for bioelectronic devices will lead to cheaper devices in wider applications.
Here’s what lead author Dennis Cherian had to say about his latest publication:
‘Using screen printing to produce our ion pumps gives us the ability to characterize many devices. Within this report we showed the process is tuneable by using two different ion exchange membranes within the same design.
The ion pumps were shown to transport small ions such as sodium and potassium but also larger ions such as acetylcholine and salicylic acid, important molecules for neurotransmission and anti-inflammatory functions, respectively, showing the potential for neuroscience and wound treatment applications.’ helped out Dennis and his co-authors with some graphics for their first figure to highlight the function and structure of the ion pumps.
You can read the full article here (its open access so anyone can get access to it!):


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