Pyroelectric and thermoelectric manuscript published!

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Pyroelectric and thermoelectric manuscript published!

June 26, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Associate Professor Magnus Jonsson and his team at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics have published a report focused on their new pyroelectric and thermoelectric sensor inspired by human skin. The device takes advantage of both pyroelectric and thermoelectric concepts while including a plasmonic structure. The intelligent design allows heat stimuli to be monitored quickly and continuously upon prolonged exposure. It can also detect radiation-induced heating thanks to the plasmonic structure.
Here’s what lead author and PhD candidate Mina had to say about her recent publication:
‘The device we created and reported was made in several steps in order to sense light, heat and touch. While it was a challenge to fabricate all the layers and have them functioning correctly, the hardwork paid off with increasing our knowledge, an improved manufacturing protocol and a fully functional device.’ provided Mina and her co-authors with an image to show the different technologies included in the intelligent device.
The full article can be found here:
Or visit the organic photonics and nano-optics group’s home page here:


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